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What to Expect

As a responsible Psych NP I make sure patients have time to get to know me and my professional background so they’ll feel comfortable with their care choice. Contact me today via confidential phone or email to schedule a brief 10 minute phone consultation to see if this is a good fit.  I am offering both in-person and telehealth visits at this time.

Get to Know Erin Manzolillo, Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Mindful Care Mental Health is a private psychiatric practice in Colorado that offers diagnosis of mental health issues, medication management and referral to therapy as needed.


I am a board-certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner and work collaboratively with clients to address their symptoms. I take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of a person's lifestyle, including diet, exercise, sleep, medical conditions, substance use, and incorporate both medications and lifestyle interventions to achieve goals. I can offer a 10 minute phone screening to see if this is a good fit and if we are interested in working together, we schedule to meet for a 60-75 min intake appointment. After our initial appointment we will schedule for 20-30 minute follow-up appointments 2-6 weeks later to assess medication efficacy, response, and need for adjustments.

I will be offering both in-office appointments and telehealth options. I only treat clients ages 16 and older. I am LGBTQA allied and specialize in treating anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, sleep disturbances, ADD, adjustment, and PTSD. I do not offer traditional therapy and have many resources to assist clients in connecting for appropriate therapy.

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